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Deployed Engineer - New York

New York

why we're looking for you

Over the past year our business has been growing at breakneck speed and we’ve been taking on more, and larger, customers. We’re looking to grow our Deployed Engineering team to partner closely with our strategic customers and help them grow on the Retool platform. The ideal candidate for this role should be able to not only think about the growth strategy of an account, but also work with our customers through the technical details of building a complex Retool application. You might spend one day coming up with a strategy to drive adoption of Retool at a Fortune 500 company, and the next day helping a startup build out its entire underwriting workflow. If you’re someone who has strong commercial instincts but also enjoys engineering, you’ll love this role.

what you'll do

Deployed engineers are responsible for retaining and growing Retool’s most strategic accounts. We’re highly technical and customer obsessed, and we take a solutions first mindset. We work side by side with our customers to identify new use cases, build new Retool applications, and continually improve the core Retool product.  From scoping out a new product line for our customers, to running a business review with executives, to building out a critical tool that helps a business operate better, our work is different each day. We leverage our technical expertise and relentless curiosity to transform how software gets built.

who you'll work with

As a deployed engineer you’ll be working cross functionally alongside a talented team of customer success managers, software engineers, marketers, and support engineers to drive Retool adoption across our customer base. You’ll also partner with our sales team to navigate up-sell and renewal conversations.

in this role, you'll:

  • Own the entire post-sale customer journey  and spend the majority of your time interacting with customers and ensuring their success using Retool 
  • Be a thought partner to Retool customers to help them build out complex internal tools for new teams and use cases 
  • Tackle technical limitations or opportunities in Retool that need solving via code (e.g. a bug, a missing feature, etc.) or partner with our product engineering teams to tackle the problem.  
  • Be the voice of our largest customers and represent their needs to the rest of the organization
  • Present the results of our work to a wide ranging audience from engineers to C-suite executives
  • Demo Retool and answer questions about how to make the best use of the product 
  • Create technical content to demonstrate best practices (e.g. sample apps, documentation, videos, etc.)
  • Suss out the blockers for a customer in adopting Retool — and overcome them through content, education, product improvements, and training 
  • Serve as the primary, ongoing technical point of contact for our users
  • Help interview and grow the deployed engineering team

the skillset you'll bring:

  • Strong engineering background, preferred in fields like computer science, math and electrical engineering
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Previous experience in a customer-facing role
  • Ability to take on open-ended problems in unstructured environments
  • Strong knowledge of SQL, Javascript, and APIs
  • Ability to think on your feet and solve problems during calls with technical customers