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Software Engineer

San Francisco

why we're looking for you

Retool started as a way to address obstacles with internal tools and has grown into a company that solves internal tooling for thousands of companies (big and small). We’ve done a lot with a little–we have a growing engineering team and a laundry list of features and foundational improvements we want to tackle. 

To continue our fast-paced growth, we need to build a world-class engineering team. You’ll help us get there by owning end-to-end projects, talking with customers, and ultimately supporting the growth of Retool the product and the business. 

what you'll do

You’ll own projects from start to finish working with internal and external stakeholders. As examples, you may improve our user onboarding experience, work with customers to identify and build new  features, or strengthen the foundation of our operations. Because we often make product decisions based on customer feedback, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with customers and build something that solves their problems. You’ll also weigh in on our product roadmap as the end-user yourself.

Retool is built primarily in Javascript and Typescript, Node on the backend, and React on the frontend. We’ll look to you to bring your skillset and experience to build within this environment and impact our codebase. 

You’ll also engage in technical decision-making with the team, participate in sprint planning, and help our engineering team expand its skillset. To that end, you’ll also play a key role in helping us grow the team through interviewing potential new team members. 

who you'll work with

As an engineer, you’ll work with designers, customer engineers, and support engineers, and our go-to-market teams. Engineers make a lot of product decisions, and you’ll partner with our design team as you scope and build your projects.

We’re a hard-working, passionate bunch who are motivated by collaboration, strong results, and bringing the impact of Retool to our customers. When we’re in the office, we enjoy eating lunch (and occasionally dinner!) together, and we’ve been known to be a little sarcastic. But at the root of it all, we come together to show our customers and not-quite-yet customers how Retool can make them and their companies more efficient and successful.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! 

in this role, you'll:

  • Improve the UX of the Retool core editor, which involves plenty of interesting problems, both technical (e.g. "how do we implement our drag and drop system in a performant way?") and otherwise (e.g. "how do we handle the pushing of existing components when dragging new components on?").
  • Build entirely new product lines (e.g. an interface to share queries — both SQL, and REST + GraphQL across your company)
  • Debug customer problems + build features for them (e.g. "the Google Sheets integration doesn't support adding rows", and "what's the best way to support that? Via cell ranges, or via a lightweight, home-grown ORM?")
  • Write technical blog posts (e.g. "here's how we implemented role-based access controls") and documentation (e.g. if you build the Google Sheets integration, you will write documentation on how it's used)
  • Help assess and recruit future engineers

the skillset you'll bring:

  • 5+ years experience in professional software development, ideally some of which you’ve spent in startups
  • Experience owning technically challenging and demanding cross-functional projects
  • Experience across the entire stack, from backend to frontend (and if you have a preference, we’d love to hear it!)
  • Experience in Javascript
  • Experience with cloud based infrastructure like Azure, AWS or GCP
  • Ability to make technical decisions quickly, while looping in key stakeholders, too
  • A customer-first mindset and an interest in talking with customers to make sure what we’re building meets their needs
  • Habit of introspection and understanding what’s helped you be successful in the past
  • Bonus points if you have experience in mentoring other team members, and have previously worked closely with designers