Rich Text Editor

A text area to input text with rich formatting. It supports most text formatting and presentation attributes, such as images, lists, and links, and includes a formatting toolbar.

Rich Text Editor content is output as HTML.


Events are triggered by user interactions with Rich Text Editor. Use event handling to trigger queries or other actions in response to events.


A user changes the current value.


A user selects the input field.


A user deselects the input field.


Methods for interacting with Rich Text Editor. You can write JavaScript almost anywhere in Retool and use methods to manipulate data or components.

NameDescriptionscrollIntoView(options: any)

Scrolls the canvas or parent container so that the selected component appears in the visible area.

setValue(value: string)

Set the current value.

setSelection(selection: any)

Set the current input selection using index for the cursor position start and length for the number of characters to select.