A fast and simple GUI on top of your SQL database

Retool gives you a multi-purpose, cross-platform SQL GUI so you can quickly build apps on top of your data.

Any SQL, any database

Native integrations with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle DB, Redshift, BigQuery and more. Skip using different GUIs for different SQL DBs and get it all together in one place.

Full featured SQL GUI

Connecting Retool to your SQL DB lets you run queries, inspect your schema and database objects, and auto-complete in our IDE. Manage, manipulate, and visualize your data with custom components instead of getting stuck in a CLI.

Backend logic = simple settings

Need to rerun queries every 5 minutes? Trigger them based on events? Transform data in flight? Retool provides simple functionality for whatever surrounding logic you need.

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A tool to help with compliance, compliance, compliance! When a customer asks for an export of all their data, you no longer need to export it from 5 different places. Since Retool supports pulling in data from any arbitrary API or database, you can build a tool that lets operations one-click export, zip, and email all information about a customer, to the customer.

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Retool provides the building blocks for any internal tool.

Whether you're building a basic CRUD interface or refund management software, internal tools have the same building blocks: Tables, TextBoxes, Dropdowns, etc. Retool gives you a simple way to connect data sources and building blocks that you can assemble into any custom internal tool.

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From startups to Fortune 500s, some of the world's best teams use Retool to power their internal tools.

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