GDPR Data Export

A tool to help with compliance, compliance, compliance! When a customer asks for an export of all their data, you no longer need to export it from 5 different places. Since Retool supports pulling in data from any arbitrary API or database, you can build a tool that lets operations one-click export, zip, and email all information about a customer, to the customer.
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GDPR Data Export
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Why Retool?

Flexible Components

All the building blocks,
for any internal tool.

Connect to Anything

Read and write data,
wherever it is.

Micromanage your tools

Track, monitor, and even
host all your tools.

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Amazon uses Retool for GDPR exports. Instead of manually pinging engineers, Amazon's legal team can now self-serve themselves by simply using the GDPR export tool that connects to databases and APIs, zips everything up, and sends it out via email.

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