Build internal tools with AWS

Retool makes it easy to build, integrate, and deploy business applications on AWS. To connect your AWS services to Retool, see AWS + Retool integration docs for more details.

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Consume AWS Data Services: Retool provides out of the box integrations with Redshift, RDS, DynamoDB, S3, Athena, and AppSync to power apps and workflows.

Leverage AWS Serverless Services: Utilize AWS Serverless services to extend Retool’s App and Workflow reach via SNS, SQS, Lambda, API Gateway, Step Functions and more.

Integrate with AWS AI and Generative Services: Embed AWS AI and Generative Services into business applications including Textract, Comprehend, Rekognition, Polly, Transcribe, Bedrock LLMs and more.

Supported operations for AWS

Amazon Redshift

Connect Retool to Redshift for fast application development using SQL

Amazon Athena

Retool supports Amazon Athena to query Big Data, enabling insights like web logs and IoT data.

Amazon DynamoDB

Retool connects to DynamoDB for efficient NoSQL queries, offering an alternative to traditional SQL databases.

Amazon RDS & Aurora

Query and integrate Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL data seamlessly within Retool.

Amazon S3

Leverage Amazon S3's flexibility and reliability via Retool, simplifying object storage management.

Amazon Lambda

Execute serverless functions with Amazon Lambda through Retool.