Use pre-built React components instead of starting from scratch

Retool gives you pre-built UI components packed with functionality like tables, buttons, and text inputs. Skip the frontend templates and build your own in minutes.

The best React table component

The best React table component

Retool’s table component ships with filters, server side pagination, column formatting, and a lot more. Connect it to a button, file picker, or search box to quickly build your interface or dashboard.

Custom components and styles, too

Custom components and styles, too

Retool can fit in with your existing design system and React components through our custom components feature. With global CSS too, you can take advantage of Retool components without being constrained by them.

Queries and API calls on the backend

Queries and API calls on the backend

Link your React components to your data, wherever it is: Retool supports native integrations with most popular DBs like Postgres and MySQL, and can connect to any REST or GraphQL API.

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Adam Louie

Senior Director of Business Operations at LeadGenius

Retool has enabled us to completely remodel and refine our systems, which in turn has freed up valuable engineering resources equivalent to 2-3 full stack engineers.

Retool provides the building blocks for any internal tool

Need an admin panel to work with your user data? Retool gives you the tables, search, buttons, text, images, and whatever other components you’d need to create and maintain your dashboard. All built in React.

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