Retool + Snowflake

Build data apps on top of Snowflake

Retool helps you build dynamic data apps on top of Snowflake data--even data sets with billions of rows.

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Read and write Snowflake data

Retool natively integrates with Snowflake so you can build apps that give users the ability to activate data across the business. No data set is too large.

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Assemble any interface

Build an app that’s 10x better than a spreadsheet in less time. Drag and drop 100+ pre-built UI components to present data in just the right way.

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No expertise required

Retool provides everything you need to build powerful apps—hosting, design tools, access control, etc—out of the box. All you need is light familiarity with SQL and JS.

Build dynamic apps for every team

BI tools are read only. Spreadsheets aren't secure. Homegrown tools take months. Retool helps you make the most of your Snowflake data.

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Manage any business process

Retool helps you create an interactive and personalized read-write UI so that your users can solve business problems faster.

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Data discoverability

Retool works with Snowflake’s Search Optimization feature to help you build search engine-like UIs for large tables or text columns.

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Get and stay compliant

Give your teams the power to respond and comply with new regulations in real-time. Retool apps require less engineering time to build and can be deployed in your own infrastructure (VPN/VPC).

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Speed up sensitive operations

Consolidate any financial operation into secure and safe interfaces for your teams. Built-in permissions and security make it easy to handle sensitive data and workflows.

Streamline every financial operation

Retool balances the power, nuance, and security you need for internal tools with the speed that your business needs to operate. The result: you can build apps for nearly every financial operation to run and grow your business.

See Retool and Snowflake in action

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