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Extending your ERP with Retool

Maybe your field technicians are still logging inspections with pen and paper. Or your sales team is bogged down with manual data entry. Sound familiar?

Gaps between ERP, CRM, and procurement systems can slow down workflows with out-of-sync data, multiplying inconsistencies and making it hard to keep up with changing work requirements.

Retool makes it possible to build custom functionality on top of your existing systems. Using familiar languages — like SQL, JavaScript, and Python — you can quickly build entirely custom applications, like forms for logging inventory and mobile apps that integrate with device hardware (including RFID and zebra systems) for inventory tracking. Retool makes it easy to assemble better digital experiences to supercharge your warehouse, field, and safety inspection teams.

In this five-minute demo video, we’ll walk you through how to build three custom apps that increase the utility of your existing ERP:

  • An inventory management app
  • An automated notification system
  • A mobile inspection app

Ready to learn how to deploy apps like these in minutes?

Watch the video