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REST API Generator

Backend not ready? Still waiting for database access? Generate a custom dataset that you can read and write to via a REST API.

Mock API Generator - Generate custom data & API to build apps in less than 30s | Product Hunt
  • Generate data that matches your use case.
  • Query with a flexible REST API.
  • Build an app for your API with Retool.
Generate an API from a CSV or mock data and more in the Developer Utilities hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my API persist data?

Yes, your API has GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, and DELETE endpoints for reading + writing to your dataset. Writes are persisted.

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How long will my API be available for?

Your sample API will be available as long as you continue using it. We may delete it if it hasn’t been used in the last 30 days - please contact us if that is a concern for your use case.

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Can I use my API outside Retool?

Yes, you can call this API from wherever you need it (a mobile app, using cURL, Postman, etc.). To use your API in Retool, use our REST API connector.

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How much data can I store?

Your dataset can have at most 150 rows.

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Does this cost anything?


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How was this built?

The API Generator is an embedded Retool app that uses some of our favorite open-source libraries, including json-server, Moment.js, faker.js and Lodash.