Power your apps with Retool Database

Build apps faster with a Retool-hosted PostgreSQL database that requires no setup time, and manage your data using an intuitive spreadsheet interface.

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Build apps on an out–of–the–box PostgreSQL database

If you need a database for internal tools, provisioning a new database or configuring an existing one can slow you down. Skip the database setup and start building apps with a Retool-hosted database—complete with a spreadsheet UI that lets you manage your data with or without writing SQL.

Go from spreadsheet to SQL database in one click

Import your CSVs or start from scratch. Maintain your data standards with auto-incrementing primary keys, PostgreSQL field types, and data validation.

Foreign key data, right where you’re working

Realize the power of PostgreSQL databases by linking records together across tables to easily view and edit relational data.

Ship changes safely across multiple environments

Test and ship changes to production safely, with a Retool Database automatically created and configured for every environment that you have in Retool.

Build apps and manage your data in one place

Quickly iterate on apps by editing the data model at the same time. You’ll be able to adapt apps to help teams win any operational challenge—all in Retool.

What our users are saying

Google Sheets was a beast and barely loaded. We’ve now moved mission-critical data to Retool Database. We're faster, and can move to our own backend if we need to.
Nico De LeonSoftware Developer at Poap
Retool Database enables our team to ship any idea in Retool without being blocked on the complex setup and management of AWS and Azure.
Tristan DrummondSenior Developer at The Delta

Frequently asked questions

What is Retool?

Retool is a development platform for building custom operations software faster. Developers use Retool to build CRUD web and mobile apps, workflows, and automated tasks 10x faster than coding from scratch. Retool integrates with hundreds of databases and APIs, and offers Retool Database when you need it.

What is Retool Database?

Retool Database is a fast, secure solution for saving and editing data in your Retool applications. It combines a PostgreSQL database hosted by Retool, with a spreadsheet-like interface to manage hosted data. Retool Database is in beta for cloud customers. Learn more in our documentation.

Why use Retool Database?

Customers use Retool Database when they need a fast place to store and manage data—without being slowed down by having to get database credentials, set up new database clusters, or interfere with existing production data.

How much does Retool Database cost?

Retool Database is free for all beta users. While in beta, you can store up to 50,000 records or 1GB of storage (whichever comes first) for free. In the coming months, there will be higher usage tiers, and Retool Database will always have a free tier.

What happens if I reach the storage limit?

If you need more storage space, please reach out to us at

Can I connect to Retool Database externally?

You can query Retool Database from the Query Library and app editor, and import and export CSVs directly. Sync data in and out of Retool Database to another resource with Retool Workflows. Lastly, we're testing a REST API that lets you query Retool Database directly using SQL. Please reach out to us if you're interested in trying it out. Learn more .