Retool Database

Power apps with a built-in Postgres database

Build apps faster with a fully managed PostgreSQL database, no setup required. Create tables and fields in seconds—without settling for fragile, error-prone spreadsheets.

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Google Sheets was a beast and barely loaded. We’ve now moved mission-critical data to Retool Database. We can prototype new apps much faster on Postgres instead of spreadsheets, and can connect to our own backend at any time.
Nico De Leon
Software Developer
Retool Database enables our team to ship any idea in Retool without being blocked on the complex setup and management of AWS and Azure. We’re building apps to make our operations better, and it’s all backed with a real database so we can query the data as we need to.
Tristan Drummond
Senior Developer
We've been using Retool for over a year to streamline our software development process. Retool Database helps our team build apps faster by taking care of tedious tasks like setting up and managing databases. Since using Retool, our company has saved ~80% of our monthly costs from having much faster software development cycles.
Kingsley Advani
Founder & CEO

Get the power of Postgres with the speed of a spreadsheet

Connect your data

Turn Google Sheets or Airtable Bases into Postgres tables in a few clicks. Maintain your data standards with auto-incrementing primary keys, PostgreSQL field types, and data validation. Schedule background tasks that periodically ingest data from 3rd-party APIs using Retool Workflows.

Manage your data in one place

Edit with the ease of a spreadsheet

Rapidly build and test your schema with a spreadsheet-like UI. Add tables, columns, and fields in a few clicks. Scan and manage your data through filtering, sorting, searching, and editing directly.

Edit a spreadsheet UI

Build apps and manage your data in one place

Ship apps faster by editing the data model while you’re building. Retool Database helps you focus on building apps and databases faster in one developer platform.

Edit schema

Connection strings

Get a free Postgres database you can use outside of Retool. Use connection strings to remove data silos and integrate the data you store in Retool Database with your broader data ecosystem.

Database connection strings

Ship changes safely across multiple environments

Test and ship changes to production safely, with a Retool Database automatically created and configured for every environment that you have in Retool.

Multiple environments

Inspect and release schema changes

Schema migration tools come included with Retool Database. Develop an app against your dev database, preview schema changes, then release to end-users by syncing the changes to your production database.

Schema migration

Scale with Postgres from the start

Get the performance and security that you'd expect in a Postgres database. Write complex SQL queries, store advanced data types, enforce data validation, add foreign keys, and more.

Foreign keys
Retool Database

Start building for free

Get 5GB of storage free for one year—no limits on rows or columns.