Retool Workflows

Visual workflow automation. Now with code.

Retool Workflows is a fast way for developers to create cron jobs, custom alerts, and ETL tasks. Stop provisioning infrastructure and maintaining one-off scripts—focus on the code that matters.

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Watch Sophie build and deploy a workflow in 4 minutes
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From startups to enterprises, customers of all sizes trust Retool Workflows for automating business logic

How it works

Define your trigger

Workflows are composed of a series of blocks: interconnected queries or Javascript. Start by choosing how you want your workflow to run, either on a cron schedule or triggered via an API call or webhook.
Local (GMT+3)
Run every
at 12:00 AM
Runs at 12:00 AM, every day
ordersDb (postgresql)
FROM orders
WHERE status = 'placed'
Filter expression
  .isAfter(moment().subtract(1, "day")))
Filter expression
  .isBefore(moment().subtract(1, "day"))
If > 0
Query JSON with SQL
FROM {{}}
ORDER BY charge_total DESC
#new-orders (slack)
We have {{}} new orders!
Popular use cases

Monitoring & alerting

Set up out-of-stock alerts, surface suspicious transaction activity, or triage customer support tickets based on severity.
With Workflows, we have the flexibility of code to interact with our data exactly how we want, and critically tight feedback loops to build, test, and ship faster. Where rewriting a script for sending customer-facing coupons would have taken 3+ months, we were able to create an entirely custom process in Workflows in just one day.
John Hughes
Chief Strategy Officer
Our company is small and has very specific requirements for how we want to parse and display data to make decisions. Workflows allows me to keep our internal data systems clean and up-to-date with our warehouse and storefront softwares by allowing me to write Javascript to easily tailor the data we need from clunky JSON objects.
Kyle Crowder
Data Engineer
We needed an efficient way to translate product data in our warehouse into timely, insightful reporting in Slack. With Retool Workflows, my team can easily configure our resources in one place and focus only on writing the logic unique to our business.
Joel McLean
Director of Product Growth
See the workflow
Workflows features

Code-level control when you need it. GUI abstractions when you don't.

Integrate with your Retool web apps

Call workflows directly from the UIs you build in Retool, so you can build experiences like support dashboards that double as response centers.

enterpise-grade security

Connect to anything

Securely connect data across multiple data sources: local databases,third-party service, or anything with an API. Get started fast with a catalog of native integrations and support for OAuth.

enterpise-grade security

Move fast with pre-built blocks

Complex orchestration without all the boilerplate. Use pre-formatted forEach loops, filters, functions, and branches so that you can focus on the custom business logic that matters.

enterpise-grade security

Tailor with custom code

Sometimes it's faster to solve a problem with a few lines of code. All Workflows blocks are code at their core, so you can always use dot notation to pull up autocomplete menus, trigger queries with /, and expand blocks to larger IDEs.

enterpise-grade security

Iterate faster

Test and debug at each step—no compile and run cycle required. Robust logging and global error handling help you maintain visibility into running jobs.

enterpise-grade security

Manage with enterprise-grade security

Use granular permissions to control who edits, accesses, and executes workflows across your organization.

enterpise-grade security

coming soon

  • On-prem hosting
  • Python support
  • Webhook responses
  • Custom libraries
  • Charts