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Retool for Startups

Spend more time on your product, not internal tools

Use Retool free for a year to quickly build admin panels, dashboards, and internal tools without losing focus.

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Retool removes the stress of building custom tools

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What is Retool for Startups?

Retool for Startups is a program designed to help early-stage startups build critical internal tools. Eligible startups get 12 months of free Retool credits (up to $1200 total value).

How can I use my free Retool credits?

You can apply your free credits toward our Team and Business plans to access advanced features. Retool is billed per seat, so you’ll consume credits based on your total monthly users.

What are the criteria to qualify?

  • Your company was founded less than 5 years ago

  • You’ve raised less than $10M in funding

Are there other benefits?

Yes. We’ve partnered with companies like HubSpot, Segment, DigitalOcean, and Brex to offer startup discounts for their software — sign up for details and eligibility requirements.

Do my Retool credits expire?

You have up to one year to use your Retool credits. At the end of one year, you’ll have the option to stay on your existing plan or go back to the Free plan.

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Access over $160,000 in partner deals on top of your Retool credits

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Get one year of powerful Product Intelligence insights, free.
Early-stage startups get up to $5K in AWS credits and free resources.
Early-stage startups can earn tens of thousands in bonus points.
Early-stage startups can receive up to $12,000 in free credits.
DigitalOcean offers early-stage Retool customers thousands in free credits.
Retool startups get $10k in credits on the Freshworks suite of products!
Sync data from your warehouse to SaaS tools.
Early-stage startups can get 30% off the HubSpot suite for one year.
Early-stage startups get advanced Intercom features for 95% off.
Registering new employees in each state with Middesk Agent takes minutes, not hours.
MongoDB offers early-stage Retool customers thousands in free credits.
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Build powerful APIs for video encoding, hosting, streaming, and monitoring.
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The corporate card of choice for Retool startups, with a $500 sign up bonus.
Early-stage startups can get Segment for free for up to two years.
Pre-Series A companies can get 6 free months of Sentry’s Team Plan.
Get customer service solutions free for 6 months.
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