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Build a CRUD tool for BigQuery

Connect BigQuery to Retool and build a simple application to create, read, update, and delete data.

Build a CRUD tool for BigQuery
Connect to BigQuery in minutes

Connect to BigQuery in minutes

Connecting Retool to BigQuery takes just a few minutes and lets you build a simple CRUD application top of your BigQuery data. Just grab the private key from your Service Account with BigQuery privileges, and you're ready to go.

Use a fully featured BigQuery CRUD application

Use a fully featured BigQuery CRUD application

After connecting Retool with BigQuery, you can safely run queries, safely write, update, and delete without accidentally dropping tables. You can also inspect your schema, save and share queries, and run ad hoc analyses with Retool.

Use 50+ drag-and-drop components

Use 50+ drag-and-drop components

Retool gives you access to a library of 50+ pre-built UI components packed with functionality like tables, buttons, and text inputs. Skip the headache of searching for the right frontend templates and build your app in minutes.

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JJ Maxwell

Co-Founder and CRO at JetFuel

We would have had to hire 2-3 full-time engineers to build what I did in 30 minutes using Retool.

Supported operations for BigQuery

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View your data
Visualize and search all of your database tables and views.

Insert a record
Insert a record in an existing table.

Delete a record
Delete an existing record from an existing table.

Update or create a new record
Update a record in an existing table, or optionally create a new record if none is found.

Update an existing record
Update an existing record in an existing table.

Join with other datasources
Easily join with other Retool connected datasources like GraphQL or the Twilio API.

Bulk insert records
Insert a list of records into an existing table.

Retool provides the building blocks for any internal tool

Whether you're building a basic CRUD interface or a detailed inventory management app, internal tools have the same building blocks: tables, text boxes, drop-downs, etc. Retool gives you a simple way to connect these building blocks with BigQuery so you can build and ship internal tools in hours, not days or weeks.

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