Add a frontend on top of any database

Easily build a front-end with native database integrations and 50+ pre-made front-end React components. Save hundreds of hours.

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Add a frontend on top of any database
Connect with any database

Connect with any database

Native integrations with PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle DB, Redshift, BigQuery and more. Instead of using different GUIs for different databases, manage all your data in one place.

50+ Professional React Components

50+ Professional React Components

Speed up your development by dragging & dropping from our 50+ professional React components. Instead of building components from scratch, focus on getting your application working.

Backend logic = simple settings

Backend logic = simple settings

Need to rerun queries every 5 minutes? Trigger them based on events? Transform data in flight? Retool provides simple functionality for whatever surrounding logic you need.

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David Boskovitz

Software Engineer at Envoy

As an engineer, I love Retool. My team now builds much-needed tools for customer support instantly. Also love how it's so hackable - there's little we can't do.

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An admin panel for reading from and writing to your customer data, built on PostgreSQL. This app lets you look through customers and take action on your data.

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Retool provides the building blocks for any internal tool

Whether you're building a basic CRUD interface or refund management software, internal tools have the same building blocks: tables, text boxes, dropdowns, etc. Retool gives you a simple way to connect these building blocks with your own data sources so you can assemble any custom internal tool, fast.

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