Insurance claim manager

Processing claims is a key function of any insurance company. To provide top-notch customer support and mitigate insurance fraud, insurance firms need to equip agents with all the information they need (customer info, claim details, and required documents) to process insurance claims. With Retool, you can build an application that gives insurance agents everything they need to process claims in a centralized place.

Insurance claim manager

Build from a handful of drag-and-drop components

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Text give insurance agents the context they need for processing claims.
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Button use buttons to trigger actions like approving claims, updating issues, or notifying customers.
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Table display customer insurance claim history like issue number, status, dates, claim id, and more in a table.
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Checkbox give agents the ability to change a claim's status or verify notifications to customers using checkboxes.
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Text Input allow agents to input information on a claim like fee estimates using a text input field.

Processing and updating insurance claims require a database backend to read and update claims. Retool integrates with many databases that can be used for this use case, such as PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, MongoDB, SQL Server.

Step 1 Create resource1. Create resource
Step 2 Read data2. Read data
Step 3 Connect data with UI3. Connect data with UI
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Pedro Franceschi

Co-founder and CTO at Brex

Retool is incredible. It's been a critical for our ops from the start, and is the reason we’re able to scale so quickly. And the on-prem version with access controls & audit logs makes it easy to meet our compliance requirements.

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