Build a CRUD tool for your PostgreSQL data

Connect PostgreSQL to Retool in minutes and build a simple application to Create, Read, Update, and Delete data.

Connect to PostgreSQL in minutes

Connect to PostgreSQL in minutes

Retool connects directly to your PostgreSQL database (via a connection string or regular credentials) and lets you run raw SQL (or issue commands via a GUI) to manage the data in your PostgreSQL tables. For example, you can render users from Postgres into a table and add a button that, when clicked, runs an SQL query and marks that user as approved.

Build powerful CRUD apps with our PostgreSQL GUI

Build powerful CRUD apps with our PostgreSQL GUI

Our pre-made templates can get you started with a PostgreSQL CRUD App in just a few clicks.

Build your front-end with 50+ components

Build your front-end with 50+ components

Retool gives you a library of 50+ drag-and-drop components to quickly build a UI for your app with out-of-the-box components like tables, buttons, text inputs, and much more. Read, write, and update your PostgreSQL data in minutes.

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I tell every technology leader I talk to that they should look at Retool as a way to reduce the burden of building admin UIs and democratize that kind of stuff across their company.

Supported operations for PostgreSQL

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View your data
Visualize and search all of your database tables.

Insert a record
Insert a record in an existing table.

Delete a record
Delete an existing record from an existing table.

Update or create a new record
Update a record in an existing table, or optionally create a new record if none is found.

Update an existing record
Update an existing record in an existing table.

Join with other datasources
Easily join with other Retool connected datasources like GraphQL or the Twilio API.

Bulk insert records
Insert a list of records into an existing table.

Bulk update via a primary key
Update a group of records using a column as a primary key.

Bulk upsert via a primary key
Insert a list of rows (or update if existing rows are found) using a column as a primary key.

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An admin panel for reading from and writing to your customer data, built on PostgreSQL. This app lets you look through, edit, and add users, orders, and products.

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Retool provides the building blocks for any internal tool

For the most part, internal tools have the same building blocks: tables, text boxes, drop-downs, etc. Retool gives you a simple way to connect these building blocks with [PostgreSQL]( "postgres integration") so you can build and ship internal tools in hours, not days.

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