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Build internal tools with Datadog

Retool makes it easy to build admin panels, dashboards, and utilities on top of your Datadog data.

Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud-scale applications.

Connecting Retool to Datadog takes just a few minutes, and lets you to push and pull monitoring data programatically from Retool. Retool integrates directly with Datadog's API so you can send events/metrics to Datadog, visualize your data or programmatically manage your account. Build internal tools to see your monitoring data and take action to add a scale up a new host, reindex data, perform migrations and more in one place.

Retool supports both reading from and writing back to Datadog. Get started with our quickstart docs.

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Adam Louie

Senior Director of Business Operations at LeadGenius

Retool has enabled us to completely remodel and refine our systems, which in turn has freed up valuable engineering resources equivalent to 2-3 full stack engineers.

Supported operations for Datadog

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View your Datadog data
Pull data about your metrics, events, hosts, or any other entities in your Datadog setup.

Update your Datadog data
Write data back as mertics, events, tags, and more directly from your custom app.

Delete your Datadog data
Delete end users, agents, events, groups or any other entity directly.

In Retool, you can join Datadog with anything

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Retool connects to most databases and nearly anything with a REST or GraphQL API. Read in data from mongoDB, join it via SQL, record user approvals, and POST the result to Stripe to create invoices.

Retool empowers you to work with all of your data sources inside of a single app.