Simple GUI for Elasticsearch

A simple GUI for all of your Elasticsearch queries: search, index, update, and create.



If you’re using Elasticsearch for APM, you can connect your usage data to Chart component and set up a Query to catch spikes and write incident data to another data source like Postgres, all within one UI.



If you’re using Elasticsearch for full text search, you can run your queries through Retool and visualize your results (text, images, logs, whatever) in a Text component. You can also connect queries to TextInput fields to make search accessible to non-technical end users.



If you’re using Elasticsearch for log storage and analysis, Retool can help you parse and format those logs in a language you’re familiar with. You can populate a Table component with records, and display relevant details in a Container component when you select a row.

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Pedro Franceschi

Co-founder and CTO at Brex

Retool is incredible. It's been a critical for our ops from the start, and is the reason we’re able to scale so quickly. And the on-prem version with access controls & audit logs makes it easy to meet our compliance requirements.

Supported operations for Elasticsearch

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View your data
Visualize and search all of your database tables.

Query your data
Use search to find the data you need.

Insert a record
Insert a record in an existing document via create or index.

Update an existing record
Update an existing record in an existing document using update.

Join with other datasources
Easily join with other datasources like PostgreSQL or the Github API.

Explore a live demo

A template designed to show off Retool's visualization capabilities -- powered by Plotly.js and the World Bank API.

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