We're making Retool Database—a Retool-hosted PostgreSQL database with a spreadsheet interface—generally available to all customers over the next few days. With Retool Database, you can spend less time on setup and more time on building. Upgrade spreadsheet-based processes into secure and scalable apps, all in just a few minutes.

All customers get 5GB of data storage free for one year. To get started with Retool Database, login or create a free account.

Quick to get started and powerful to scale

When you have an idea for a feature or app that needs to store data, you sometimes opt for the fastest solution—spreadsheets. Spreadsheets have historically been quicker than spinning up a new database, configuring existing infra, or working through DevOps. But spreadsheets aren’t built to store structured data at any kind of scale. You're missing data integrity, foreign keys, and the ability to query. You’ll eventually have to migrate to a database when you want to enforce data safety or support programmatic access to your data.

With Retool Database, you don’t have to make these tradeoffs anymore. Get the power of a scalable Postgres database with the speed and convenience of a spreadsheet.

The Retool Database UI is as easy to use as a spreadsheet

How it works

Every organization automatically gets a Postgres database with their Retool account—no setup required.

Quickly build out your schema with the Retool Database UI, where you can add tables and configure fields in a few clicks. You can also import your Airtable Base and Google Sheets by uploading CSVs into the Postgres database.

Uploading a CSV to create a new Postgres table

Filter, view, and edit your data while iterating on your app. You work with Postgres tables with the same ease of a spreadsheet: rearrange columns, edit records directly, and scan and manage your data through filtering, sorting, and searching. All in the same place you are building your application.

Filtering a Postgres table with Retool Database

Write SQL when you need to. You can directly query your Retool Database using standard SQL. Connect queries to components in Retool apps. Add reusable queries to your Query Library for other builders to reference and use.

Connect to your database externally. With Retool, you get a free Postgres database. You’re not locked into using it exclusively with Retool apps. Get connection strings so you can access the data you store in Retool anywhere, and integrate the data store with your broader data ecosystem.

Accessing the connection string to use data stored in Retool from anywhere

Tightly integrated with the Retool platform

Build web and mobile apps. Retool database is available as a resource for all of your Retool web and mobile apps. You can query it from all of your existing and new apps right away.

Writing a query against a Retool Database table from a Retool app

Schedule cron jobs and ETL tasks with Retool Workflows. Use Retool Workflows to schedule background tasks that operate on the database, like periodically ingesting data from 3rd-party APIs. Use GPT-4 alongside your data in Retool Database to help automate notifications with plain English like “return the name and status of the projects that are ending within 5 days as comma-separated values.”

Setting up a Retool Workflow to alert on projects ending within 5 days

Multiple environments. We support multiple environments for the database, and you can safely migrate schema changes between them. Develop an app against your dev database, preview schema changes with our GUI, and then release it to end-users by syncing the changes to your production database.

Migrating schema changes from staging to production

Get started

Cloud customers can find Retool Database in your Resources tab. All cloud plans will get 5GB of data storage for free over the next few days—with no limits on things like rows or columns. Self-hosted customers can upgrade to v2.113 or later to quickly provision and manage databases for your apps using the Retool Database UI.

If you're not a customer yet, sign up to create a free account and check out our docs to learn more.