Frequently Asked Questions
Why use this data generator?

This data generator is powered by Retool Embed, enabling teams to build public, customer-facing embedded apps like this free utility. It uses some of our favorite open source libraries like json-server, Moment.js, faker.js and Lodash, which means it is completely editable and customizable.

Will my API persist data?

Yes, writes are persisted. Your API has GET, PUT, POST, PATCH, and DELETE endpoints for reading + writing to your dataset.

How long will the sample API be available for?

Basically, for as long as you continue using it. If you don’t use it for 30 days, we may delete it. Please do contact us if you have a different usage pattern.

Can I use my API outside Retool?

Yes, you can call this API from anywhere (using cURL, Postman, from a mobile app, etc.). To use it in Retool, use our REST API connector.

How big of a dataset can I generate?

The maximum number of rows for your dataset is 100. Please contact us if you need an API with more data.

Can I generate an API using other methods?

Yes, you can generate an API from mock data or by uploading a CSV.

Feedback or questions?