Today, we’re adding Usage Analytics to our Enterprise plan.

A line of sight into your business operations is critical to decision-making as you scale. With Usage Analytics, you get:

  • One place to monitor all app and user adoption
  • Better insights to effectively manage your team and apps

View your Retool usage in one place

With Usage Analytics, you can now see all of your Retool usage—across all apps and instances—in one place, making it easier to make informed decisions about your use.

It’s crucial to understand your Retool adoption so you can identify trends and know when to take action. This is especially important as more teams in your organization build and use Retool apps, and as you deploy Retool across multiple self-hosted instances.

Manage your team and apps more effectively

Visibility into top apps, logins, and more means that you can better understand your usage and adapt accordingly:

  • Better understand your user activity for billing
  • Learn which apps to prioritize for additional features, trainings, and documentation
  • Identify apps that could be deprecated
An image of the Usage Analytics dashboard.

Usage Analytics are available across all Enterprise plans, including self-hosted and cloud customers.

For those using Retool on cloud, you’ll find them on by default in your admin settings. For those with self-hosted Retool instances, visit our docs for additional details about set up.