Introducing the Retool Referral Program

Karim El Sewedy
Karim El Sewedy
Biz Ops @ Retool

Nov 17, 2023

Retool builders are entrepreneurial, passionate, and collaborative. They creatively and proactively solve business problems. They earnestly seek to create value. And we’re constantly heartened to see them (you!) supporting one another in identifying what to build, and how to build it successfully.

This spirit of support and sharing is part of what makes the Retool community so special, and it’s what inspired this launch.

To Retool builders and community members, we’re delighted to announce a new program, just for you—the Retool Referral Program. Over time, we’ve been humbled to see you share Retool with others and help friends and colleagues get started in the product. This program is a “thank you” for spreading the word—and a way for you to get rewarded for doing so.

About the program

The short version? You can now earn cash for sharing Retool with other businesses. The long version? When you refer a qualifying new customer to Retool (that is, they’re a new account starting on a Team or Business plan), you can earn 20% of all referred payments for 6 months. Those qualifying customers you refer also get a 20% discount for 6 months. Win-win! (There’s no limit to how much you can earn, but obligatory legalese: of course, some terms apply.)

By participating in this program, not only can you earn a cash referral fee, you also lower the barrier to entry for businesses getting started on Retool—helping them to begin building operations software remarkably fast.

How it works

You can start referring now with just two clicks in the product:

  • To access your unique referral link, click the referral widget on your Retool home screen.
  • Simply copy your link or click on one of the social sharing buttons to auto-generate a post or message. Start inviting your friends, family, colleagues, and collaborators—whoever you think would get value out of Retool—and you’re well on your way.

Once you’ve earned some cash, you can withdraw your reward through our partner portal, PartnerStack. You can easily view your referral performance, withdraw your rewards (via ACH, Paypal, or Stripe), and access other resources. When you’ve earned more than $5 in rewards, you’ll receive an email to create your account (using the same email as your Retool account).

Best practices

The goal of this program is to enable you to do what you’ve already been doing: sharing Retool with other builders, leaders, and operators looking to solve problems, fast. We’ve seen that one of the best ways to support others in understanding whether Retool might fit their needs is to reflect on and share your own journey building on Retool, why you enjoy it, and how you found success with it.

Following that philosophy, to be successful with the program, we suggest:

  • Casting a wide net in sharing Retool. With a broad set of use cases, almost any business can find value in Retool. You never know where you’ll hear, “I was looking for something just like this.”
  • Explaining the value of Retool clearly. That “aha” moment is special. Telling your personal story with the product and the impact it’s had on your business will help deliver that. (We’ve also included some downloadable graphics in the referral widget to help tell that story).
  • Help your referrals build their first Retool app. If you’re excited to build and share your knowledge, helping them get familiar with the platform you know well and know can be learned quickly—can help them find their footing and a path toward reaching their goals.

Join the program today

To start referring, just log into your Retool account and start sharing your referral link. If you have any questions or want to let us know your stories about helping others get started on Retool, reach out to

Thank you so much for your contributions to a genuinely special community—and for helping that community grow!


Karim El Sewedy
Karim El Sewedy
Biz Ops @ Retool
Nov 17, 2023