Retool Referral Program

Share Retool, get rewarded.

Share Retool with your network and earn 20% of all referred payments for 6 months. There’s no limit to how much you can earn. Plus, they get 20% off!

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How it works


Access the referral widget on your home screen

Grab your unique referral link anytime you find any opportunity to share Retool.


Introduce your network to Retool and help them get started

Share Retool with your friends via Twitter, LinkedIn, SMS, or wherever you talk about your tools.


Get rewarded in cash

For every successful referral, you’ll receive 20% of their monthly or annual Team and Business plan payments for 6 months, with easy cash withdrawals.

Terms Apply

Start referring today

Who can join the Retool Referral program?

Any user on a cloud-hosted Retool account can join the Retool Referral Program.

Who can you refer?

You can refer anyone to Retool’s cloud-hosted Team or Business plans. Once they start paying for their monthly or annual plan, you start earning.

Want to refer customers with enterprise needs?

Check out the Enterprise Partner Incentive Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What qualifies as a successful referral?
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    New Retool organizations that sign up using your unique referral link and subscribe to the Team or Business plan. You will receive referral reward payouts for the first 6 months after sign up.

  • How can I create and promote my referral link?
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    You can generate your unique referral link through the referral widget on the homescreen of your Retool account. You can share your link on LinkedIn, Twitter, text, or email directly through the referral widget, or copy it and share it anywhere else. In the widget, you’ll also find some downloadable assets you can share with your network.

  • How can I receive my reward payout? When will I receive it?
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    Referral reward payouts are managed by our partner vendor, PartnerStack. When you earn more than $5 USD (or the equivalent foreign currency) in rewards, you will receive an email from PartnerStack to create your account. There you can track the performance of your referrals and manage your referral payouts. You can set up your payout through ACH transfer, PayPal, or Stripe. Payouts will be completed on the 15th day of the following month.

  • How can I see how many referrals I’ve made?
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    You can view the performance of your referrals through your PartnerStack account, including the number of signups you’ve brought in and the revenue generated by those signups. When you earn more than $5 in rewards, you’ll receive an email from PartnerStack to create your account. You can create your account anytime using the same email as your Retool account.

  • Can I refer a customer to an enterprise plan?
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    Through this program, you can only refer organizations to our Cloud Team and Business plans. If you’d like to refer a customer to an enterprise plan, check out our Enterprise Partner Incentive Program. (Note that this is a separate partnership opportunity—it’s not part of the Retool Referral Program.) If a customer that you refer under this program upgrades to an enterprise plan during their first 6 months on a paid Retool plan, you will be eligible for your referral reward only for the period that they are using their Business or Team plan; enterprise plans are not eligible for the program.

  • What if a user changes their plan (e.g., adds seats, upgrades plans) after their first invoice?
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    Any seats or overages on the Cloud Team or Business plans in the first 6 months after a user signs up are included in the referral reward.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can earn?
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    For each successful, qualified referral, you‘ll earn a reward payout equal to 20% of their Business or Team plan payment for 6 months after they sign up. There are no limits to how many organizations you can refer—so there is no limit to how much you can earn while this program is running.

  • Can I refer myself?
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    We do not allow self-referrals. The purpose of the program is to enable you to earn rewards for introducing Retool to your network.

  • I have more questions. Who can I ask?
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    For further questions, reach out to or support. If you run into any issues with your PartnerStack account, visit PartnerStack's support resources.

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