Rethinking collaboration: every update from Retool’s Developer Day

Kiersten Nordin
Kiersten Nordin
Product Marketing @ Retool

Aug 10, 2023

An all new Retool experience is here, built for collaboration.

Retool has always been a great place for building applications quickly—but the reality of software development is that few apps are made from the commits of one person alone. Development is a team sport, and today we’re excited to announce a few features that make that experience much more robust in Retool: from multi-element branching, to 80% shorter diffs for faster code reviews, to realtime collaboration with multiplayer editing.

You can watch the full Developer Day launch event on YouTube, or read on to get a quick recap on what’s new.

A fully configurable IDE

Our new IDE pulls inspiration from our favorite developer tools like VSCode and IntelliJ to build a better code writing experience, and brings in some exciting ergonomic changes that make switching between UI and code simple and straightforward. Our revamped code editors come with improved autocomplete and code evaluation, and tabs are fully configurable so you can navigate between query tabs, split view, and fullscreen view to make the most of your space.

The new IDE is now live for cloud customers, and on-premise customers can opt-in on v3.8 on August 24th. Hop into your apps to see what's new, or read the documentation to learn more.

Collaborate in real time

Multiplayer editing in Retool is (nearly) here. Work together with teammates on the same application––with separate query and UI states so that builders can test out different features at the same time without stepping on each other's toes.

To get access, cloud customers can sign up for the private beta today.

Scale development with branches across Retool

Now, when you open a branch on Retool, you can commit to that branch from any number of apps, modules, or library queries. We’ve shipped new source control UI and it should be easier than ever to work with Git in Retool.

Source control is available on both cloud and on-prem Enterprise plans. Learn more in our documentation.

New human-readable serialization format

Say goodbye to YAML! Toolscript is a new file serialization format for Retool apps, giving builders a human-readable representation of your Retool apps to more easily review pull requests from teammates. We developed Toolscript with readability and succinctness in mind––diffs are on average 80% shorter than before.

To learn more about migrating to Toolscript, check out the documentation.

And much more

Retool has changed a lot if you haven’t checked in for a bit. While we’re continuing to make a powerful app building experience, Retool can do a lot more—from handling Workflows, to having a built-in database, to mobile apps, and most recently supporting building apps for external customers—so we’ve really gone beyond our story from just a few years ago of being a great internal tools builder.

  • Retool Email: An out-of-the-box white labeled email server, so you can start sending email quickly without setting up SMTP.
  • Retool File Storage: Local storage built in for easy file management––no need to BYO blob storage. Sign up for beta access here.
  • Secrets management: We’ve integrated Retool with AWS Secrets Manager and Hashicorp Vault. Users can reference values stored in these services in their resource configurations.
  • Retool outbound regions: Determine which region Retool makes requests to your resources for optimal performance based on the location of your data.

More than ever, these features empower developers to build critical software in Retool: in a real IDE, that looks and feels like you’re used to. Following the same software development lifecycle you always do. Emitting real code. Storing secrets in the same secure way you usually do.

To see the full demos and builder walkthroughs, check out the replay on YouTube.


Kiersten Nordin
Kiersten Nordin
Product Marketing @ Retool
Aug 10, 2023