Snowflake provides incredibly scalable and cost-effective cloud warehousing and analytics by allowing customers to pay for the storage and compute they actually use. Customers pay using Snowflake credits, and these credits are only consumed when a customer is using resources, such as when a virtual warehouse is running.

But with great power comes great responsibility, and Snowflake customers have the ability to fine-tune their resources to manage their credit consumption and keep costs down. Snowflake administrators often want to investigate warehouse, user, or other usage metrics to understand where efficiencies can be made.

This is where Retool’s new Snowflake Resource Optimization: Setup & Configuration app comes in! This app extends the—you guessed it!—Snowflake's Resource Optimization: Setup & Configuration Quickstart Guide. Keep reading to see how you can use this app yourself, with less than 5 minutes of setup.

What is it?

Currently, Snowflake customers who want to optimize their resources have to go through Snowflake’s Quickstart Guides, copy and paste the queries into Snowflake Worksheets and run them, view and analyze the results, and then write more commands, or pivot to other parts of the Snowflake platform to take actions.

Retool and Snowflake have many common customers, and if you’re one of them, you can now use Retool to not only view query results about your resources, but also to take action on these results from right within one easy-to-use UI.

Without having to remember or type any commands, you can better manage your credit consumption and spend by setting auto-suspend or auto-resume for your warehouses, suspending or dropping idle warehouses, disabling or dropping idle users, modifying statement timeouts, and more. See some examples below:

Identify warehouses without auto-suspend enabled, and enable auto-suspend for your chosen duration.
Identify users who have never logged in, and disable or drop them. `

So how do you get started?

Head on over to the Retool App Exchange, which is a collection of open source apps built by Retools and community members. Follow the instructions for the Snowflake Resource Optimization: Setup & Configuration app, and you’ll be good to go in just a few minutes (if that!).

If you’re not yet a Retool customer, fear not, as you can still try this app out by signing up for a free trial today (self-hosted trial available too).

Feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repo to share any comments, suggestions, or questions!