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Build internal tools with OneSignal

Retool makes it easy to build admin panels, dashboards, and utilities on top of your OneSignal data.

OneSignal is an API for sending mobile push notifications, web push, SMS, email & in-app messaging.

Connecting Retool to OneSignal takes just a few minutes, and lets you to send texts or make calls programatically from Retool. For example, you could build a tool to send personalized push notifications to inform users of last minute changes in plans. You could pull your users from a Postgres database, drag on a TextInput to write a personalized push notification, and then drag on a Button to actually send the text via OneSignal. You can also use Retool to build a UI to track the confirmations.

Read the Retool + OneSignal integration docs for more information.

Eddy Kim
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Eddy Kim

Engineering Manager at Verishop

Using Retool, we've built internal tools for our retail and merchandising teams quickly, while maintaining our speed on feature development for our shoppers.

In Retool, you can join OneSignal with anything

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Retool connects to most databases and nearly anything with a REST or GraphQL API. Read in data from mongoDB, join it via SQL, record user approvals, and POST the result to Stripe to create invoices.

Retool empowers you to work with all of your data sources inside of a single app.