Warehouse shipping manager

Direct-to-consumer e-commerce businesses need to be on top of warehouse inventory, packing, and shipping schedules to deliver world-class customer experiences. The problem is that each of these vital parts of the business are often siloed. As a result, points of failure are introduced when navigating across different systems and teams.

With Retool, you can combine all of your direct-to-consumer processes into one tool. Doing so keeps your team focused and reduces opportunities for inventory or packaging to fall through the cracks.

Build from a handful of drag-and-drop components

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Button add buttons for editing, deleting, copying, and viewing shipment details.
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Table display details about orders (SKUs, carriers, order ids, statuses, etc.) in a table for your fulfillment team to work through.
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Text Input use text inputs to filter results shown in a table (e.g., filter by SKU or order status).
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Form allows team members to create and process shipments via a form with inputs for text, dates, notes, and dropdowns.
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Text add titles and labels to provide context for team members using the tool.

To process shipments, you will need to connect to a shipments API like Shippo or ShipStation. In this example, are connecting via API. Retool allows you to connect to any REST, GraphQL or SOAP API.

Step 1 Create resource1. Create resource
Step 2 Read data2. Read data
Step 3 Connect data with UI3. Connect data with UI
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Rohan Chopra

Director of Engineering at DoorDash

Investing in internal tools used to be a difficult and polarizing trade-off; Retool helped us to shift that paradigm by making tools a quick and painless part of any project, saving us countless hours of operator and engineering time.

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