[Launch] Join the Retool developer community!

Justin G.
Justin G.

May 20, 2021

Building together 🛠

If you’ve been building internal tools in Retool, you might have noticed that we’ve got an active, under the radar community. Well today, we’re officially launching that community and putting it on the radar. Retool’s developer community is the best place to:

  • Get tactical, technical Q&A help on what you’re building
  • Learn about how other teams are using Retool, and best practices
  • Stay up to date on product improvements, new features, and bug fixes
  • Work with a contract developer or agency on your tools

So what does a community mean, exactly? Where are these Retool developers hanging out? We’ve got a few different places where you can build and learn together:

1) The Discourse Forum

Retool’s Discourse forum is the best place to get tactical product help (how do I trigger a query for each result in an array?), submit feature requests, share what you’re building, and discuss anything Retool related. Our community has created 1000+ posts so far, with more coming every day.

2) Power Users Slack

If you’re a Retool Power User, you can request access to our sort-of-exclusive Slack group for our most engaged developers. It’s a place to get early access to experimental beta features, show and tell your most complex and impressive apps, and talk Retool best practices with your technical counterparts.

3) Content and Education

If you’re looking to level up your Retool skills – or even just get started from scratch – we’re constantly publishing useful and interesting content:

  • Our Blog has full length tutorials, generally useful technical content, and stories about how developers build and maintain great internal tools
  • Our Docs have detailed info on building Retool apps, from components to queries to app management
  • Reschool is a brand new resource for getting started with Retool from scratch, including basic SQL and JavaScript. It’s in beta, so be kind 🙂

Make sure to check out our monthly newsletter, The Mallet, to stay up to date on what we’re publishing.

4) The Developer Network

Retool’s Developer Network connects top notch Retool developers (like yourself) with companies looking for contract help.

  • For developers: we’ll connect you with qualified business, amplify your business and content, and help you level up your Retool skills
  • For companies: we’ll connect you with qualified developers who can help you build useful, lasting apps fast

We’ve already matched 50+ companies with top talent, and helped make $100K+ for developers in the network.

5) Social

Follow us on Twitter to see what we’re working on, and join into the conversation. We’ll amplify whatever you’re building in Retool – be it a personal project, app for your team, or public app. We’re also posting on LinkedIn and HackerNews pretty often.

"As a Retool developer, the dev community has been my bread and butter. From learning quick Retool hacks in the forum, to getting top tier contract work in the developer network - the community is the one-stop shop for anyone serious about building internal tools with Retool." - Joey Karczewski, BoldTech

Retool is a broad product – there’s no limit to what you can build, from basic admin panels to loan approval workflows and COVID tracking apps. That’s why we’re really excited for developers to be more open about what you’re building, share your apps, and inspire your fellow community members. Our #show-and-tell channel on the forum is a great place to share your apps, and we’ll feature exciting ones in our monthly newsletter. We’re even starting an App of The Week contest and sending out some sweet Retool swag to our lucky winners 🙂


Justin G.
Justin G.
May 20, 2021