Content curation tool

Curating content for customers and delivering it in the form of a newsletter or app notification is no easy task. Content curators need to sift through metadata like location, interests, and newsworthiness to surface compelling content that is relevant for readers. With Retool, you can build a content aggregator that makes it easier for curators to extract the signal from all the noise. In addition to selecting which content to feature, curators can also adjust to how titles and description text appears and select specific audiences to show content to.

Content curation tool

Build from a handful of drag-and-drop components

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Table display content in a table that provides context like date published, publication, article title, location, and more.
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Dropdown filter content shown in your table with dropdown menus.
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Date Picker filter results in your table by a selected date or date range.
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Text Input use text input fields to allow curators to modify titles and descriptions for a newsletter or app notification.
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Button allow copywriters to submit modified text for a title and description with the click of a button.
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Checkbox use checkboxes to give curators the ability to modify how content is distributed (e.g., do not allow comments)

Content available for curator selection can be ingested into a database or Retool via API. Retool connects to nearly anything with a REST or GraphQL API.

Step 1 Create resource1. Create resource
Step 2 Read data2. Read data
Step 3 Connect data with UI3. Connect data with UI
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