Fleet status dashboard

If your business provides a service for auto deliveries, transportation, or shipping logistics, you need to keep close tabs on which vehicles in your fleet are operating. If a vehicle goes out of commission, you can quickly reroute the operating fleet or update delivery times accordingly. With Retool, you can build a fleet status dashboard and know when part of your fleet goes down so you can make adjustments in real-time.

Build from a handful of drag-and-drop components

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Text provide context for the different elements of your fleet dashboard (e.g., down, in repair, online, etc.).
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Table display vehicle information in a table and use columns for context on the vehicle to show information like status, vehicle number, reason out of commission, and more.
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Dropdown filter results shown in your dashboard (e.g., city) using dropdown menus.

Connect Retool to the database that tracks your fleet information. Retool works out of the box with popular databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.

Step 1 Create resource1. Create resource
Step 2 Read data2. Read data
Step 3 Connect data with UI3. Connect data with UI
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Investing in internal tools used to be a difficult and polarizing trade-off; Retool helped us to shift that paradigm by making tools a quick and painless part of any project, saving us countless hours of operator and engineering time.

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