Refund processor

Pretty much every company in the world has to refund a customer for a product or service. With Retool, you give customer support agents (or whoever is processing a refund) a simple tool that connects your database and payment platforms to lookup orders and process refunds.

Build from a handful of drag-and-drop components

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Text provide context for support agents to help them navigate the refund workflow.
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Table display customer orders in a table and include buttons in columns to trigger the refund.
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Text Input filter search results by typing keywords into a text input box.
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Button use buttons to request and approve refunds.

Connect Retool to a data source where your order information is stored and to your payment processor API. Retool works out of the box with databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and APIs like Shopify and Stripe.

Step 1 Create resource1. Create resource
Step 2 Read data2. Read data
Step 3 Connect data with UI3. Connect data with UI
Rohan Chopra
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Rohan Chopra

Director of Engineering at DoorDash

Investing in internal tools used to be a difficult and polarizing trade-off; Retool helped us to shift that paradigm by making tools a quick and painless part of any project, saving us countless hours of operator and engineering time.

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