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Build internal tools with AWS Redshift

Retool makes it easy to build admin panels, dashboards, and utilities on top of your AWS Redshift data.

Connecting Retool to Redshift takes just a few minutes, and lets you to build user interfaces quickly on top of your Redshift data. For example, you can pull your analytics data for each user, render it side by side with your app data from Postgres, and take action on what you're seeing via a write.

Retool supports querying Redshift via SQL, which means you can pipe data into charts (backed by Plotly) easily.

Read our Retool + Redshift integration docs for more information.

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JJ Maxwell

Co-Founder and CRO at JetFuel

We would have had to hire 2-3 full-time engineers to build what I did in 30 minutes using Retool.

Supported operations for AWS Redshift

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View your data
Visualize and search all of your database tables and views.

Insert a record
Insert a record in an existing table.

Delete a record
Delete an existing record from an existing table.

Update or create a new record
Update a record in an existing table, or optionally create a new record if none is found.

Join with other datasources
Easily join with other Retool connected datasources like Stripe or your AWS S3 Data.

Bulk insert records
Insert a list of records into an existing table.

In Retool, you can join AWS Redshift with anything

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Retool connects to most databases and nearly anything with a REST or GraphQL API. Read in data from mongoDB, join it via SQL, record user approvals, and POST the result to Stripe to create invoices.

Retool empowers you to work with all of your data sources inside of a single app.