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From startups to enterprises, customers of all sizes trust Retool Workflows for automating business logic

How it works


Workflows are composed of a series of blocks: interconnected queries or JavaScript. Start by choosing how you want your workflow to run, either on a cron schedule or triggered via an API call or webhook.
Local (GMT+3)
Run every
at 12:00 AM
Runs at 12:00 AM, every day
ordersDb (postgresql)
FROM orders
WHERE status = 'placed'
Filter expression
  .isAfter(moment().subtract(1, "day")))
Filter expression
  .isBefore(moment().subtract(1, "day"))
If > 0
Query JSON with SQL
FROM {{}}
ORDER BY charge_total DESC
#new-orders (slack)
We have {{}} new orders!
Workflows features

Building blocks that stand up to professional development

Safe and secure data access

Need to tunnel into your VPC, query an on-prem database, or tackle odd authentication methods? Unlike most automation tools, Workflows can handle it.

enterpise-grade security

Professional-level debugging

Pop out the debug console to explore logs down to the block level. Step into historical run data to pinpoint exactly where errors occur.

profession level debugging


Full audit logs, source control, dev and prod environments, per-user and per-workflow run and edit permissions, secrets management with AWS and Hashicorp Vault, and more.

Deploy and manage securely

Custom error handling & automatic retries

Get notified in tools like Slack, PagerDuty, or email for every pause, failure, or exception. Define contingency paths at each step with per-block error handling. Maintain resiliency with automated retries and exponential backoffs.

Custom error handling

No-fuss scalable infrastructure

Forget the scaffolding. Workflows gives you a highly scalable execution engine with built-in support for long running jobs. Self-host Workflows within your own VPC to keep your data in your network.

No-fuss scalable infrastructure

Reusable and composable

Create reusable groups of logic by calling workflows from other workflows, and document your process with notes in Markdown.

Reusable and composable

Work visually or in code

Dock the editor for a fullscreen code editing experience, edit directly in the DAG, or use split screen for the best of both worlds. Workflows adapts to your preferred style of development.

Work visually or in code
Workflows use cases

Automation for any team

Turn one off scripts, manual tasks, and brittle integrations into repeatable processes across your org.

Ticket routing & assignment

Build support systems bespoke to your business, and your team. Stack rank issue severity, ticket age, and customer segment alongside your team’s topic knowledge, current workload, and calendar availability to create custom impact assessments.
With Workflows, we have the flexibility of code to interact with our data exactly how we want, and critically tight feedback loops to build, test, and ship faster. Where rewriting a script for sending customer-facing coupons would have taken 3+ months, we were able to create an entirely custom process in Workflows in just one day.
John Hughes
Chief Strategy Officer
Our company is small and has very specific requirements for how we want to parse and display data to make decisions. Workflows allows me to keep our internal data systems clean and up-to-date with our warehouse and storefront softwares by allowing me to write Javascript to easily tailor the data we need from clunky JSON objects.
Kyle Crowder
Data Engineer
We needed an efficient way to translate product data in our warehouse into timely, insightful reporting in Slack. With Retool Workflows, my team can easily configure our resources in one place and focus only on writing the logic unique to our business.
Joel McLean
Director of Product Growth
Retool AI

Put AI to work in any of your automations with built-in AI Actions

Integrate with any LLM out of the box, token costs on us. Get native support for OpenAI, Anthropic, Azure, and more for free. Or, bring your own model and API keys.

Use dozens of pre-built AI actions as steps in your automated processes. Summarize text, describe images, or classify requests in one click.

Power intelligent AI chatbots, trained on your business data. Create vector embeddings in seconds with no additional infrastructure required.

Learn more about Retool AI
Retool Workflows

Workflow automation built for developers

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