Building complex full screen layouts in Retool

December 6th at 10 am PST

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Event Information

Join the Retool team for a first look at exciting new features in our visual app editor to support complex full screen layouts. Using the brand new Sidebar frame and an improved Navigation component, developers can build flexible console-style layouts that maximize available screen real estate and improve productivity for end users.

Maya Guo (Product Designer) and Bob Nisco (Software Engineer), the design and development duo behind the Sidebar and Navigation enhancements, will join host Kevin Whinnery (Head of Developer Experience) to dive deep on both the how and why behind these new features. After an overview of the Sidebar and Navigation feature set, we will step through a real world example of how these new features are used to create beautiful, flexible layouts. Leave this session with example code and working knowledge of how to apply these new design tools in your own applications.

Meet the team

Liza Rizzo

Product Marketing Manager

Kevin Whinnery

Head of Developer Experience

Maya Gao

Design Lead, App Building

Bob Nisco

Software Engineer

Building complex full screen layouts in Retool

December 6th at 10 am PST