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What the community is saying

Opened @retool after a while today and a notification said that it's gotten 75% faster. That's a big claim. Built an app on it, and can DEFINITELY feel the performance upgrades. Kudos :D

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Rohit Agarwal

I stumbled across @retool when looking for a quick solution for a client. I think that has some pretty cool functionality for internal data management! I connected a demo up to azure in all of 2 seconds. So far it’s pretty easy!

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Josh Haber

Diving into @retool to create some #Firebase dashboards 😋 It's like reliving my early days with @webflow. Very close to the code, therefore super flexible & powerful, but also a steep learning curve for a non-developer. Quite fun to dive in and play!

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Pascal Steck

Tools like @retool are so suitable in no-code, yet require developer-grade knowledge. Huge opportunity to remove the query strings and just go drag and drop.

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Ross Chapman

Getting obsessed with @retool I only wish I had known about it sooner.

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Jade Pennig 🌻🇺🇦

Building something with @retool for the first time. Blown away by the power and flexibility.

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eduardo s

OMG. As a first-time user, I have to say @retool is so amazing.

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Jay Ding

Knowing how to use @retool well is a competitive advantage

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Dominic Whyte

Finally had a solid use case for @Retool and I'm in love with all of the possibilities it's bringing to my life 😍

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Marquis Nobles 🦉

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