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Financial services

Balance speed and accountability

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From startups to Fortune 500s, the world's best teams use Retool to power their internal apps. Our customers

KYC. AML. Underwriting. Financial service businesses need to balance the speed and efficiency customers have come to expect with the accountability and transparency demanded by tight regulations and compliance requirements.

Companies like Brex, Plaid, and Ramp use Retool to build apps for operations teams that underwrite loans, measure risk, and investigate fraud.


  • Deploy on-prem, in your own VPC.
  • Version control your applications with Git.
  • Audit access with a log of every query run and action taken.

I tell every technology leader I talk to that they should look at Retool as a way to reduce the burden of building admin UIs and democratize that kind of stuff across their company.

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Dean McRobie
CTO at CommonBond


Scale operations at market speed

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From startups to Fortune 500s, the world's best teams use Retool to power their internal apps. Our customers

From resolving customer support tickets to onboarding new partners to supply-side management, building scalable internal tooling is the last thing you want to spend time on. With Retool, building the tools you need to scale goes from “how can we get it on the roadmap?” to “ready by the end of today”.

Retool empowers your team to quickly build the back office apps your sales, ops, and support teams need to scale marketplace operations.


  • Replace error prone scripts with custom apps every ops team can use.
  • Monitor markets with realtime charts and maps.
  • Connect to any API, database or tool.

Investing in internal tools used to be a difficult and polarizing trade-off; Retool helped us to shift that paradigm by making tools a quick and painless part of any project, saving us countless hours of operator and engineering time.

Rohan Chopra
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Rohan Chopra
Director of Engineering at DoorDash

Media & entertainment

Take action with your data

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From startups to Fortune 500s, the world's best teams use Retool to power their internal apps. Our customers

Go beyond data visualization to take action on marketing insights. Integrate performance data across all your ad platforms to target your audience and control spend on your campaigns in one place. Instead of scrambling to fix outdated assets, empower your team with a content hub for managing creative material and distributing content on all of your sites and platforms.

Companies like NBC, Fox, and Warner Brothers use Retool to build robust workflows on top of their marketing data for a single pane view of their customer journey.


  • Trigger changes directly from dashboards with POST requests and database writes.
  • Connect to any REST or SOAP API — including Facebook, Youtube, Google Ads, and even Bing.
  • Enable business analysts to build apps with reusable queries and a drag and drop UI.
media and marketing

We would have had to hire 2-3 full-time engineers to build what I did in 30 minutes using Retool.

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JJ Maxwell
Co-Founder and CRO at JetFuel

Retail & e-commerce

Streamline your back office

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From startups to Fortune 500s, the world's best teams use Retool to power their internal apps. Our customers

As orders scale, your operations need to keep pace. With more returns to process, orders to fulfill, and inventory to track, your engineering team gets stuck on operations tooling instead of building a better customer experience.

Retool lets you quickly build tools to empower your non-technical analysts to manage inventory, procurement, and supply chain operations. Give your customer-facing teams the tools they need to manage everything from promotions and gift cards to GDPR compliance.


  • Connect all your data sources in one place, without migrations.
  • Add options for new products to your tools in an instant.
  • Control who sees sensitive customer data with access controls.
Candid D2C

Using Retool, we've built internal tools for our retail and merchandising teams quickly, while maintaining our speed on feature development for our shoppers.

Eddy Kim
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Eddy Kim
Engineering Manager at Verishop

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